We write about what we know or what inspires us.  Jesus taught people and touched their hearts through the stories He told.  He shared stories that people could relate to.  I hope to write to inspire and touch hearts, while sharing the message of redemption.  "Granny's Gift," is a heartwarming modern Christian fiction, rich in traditional values.  Leslie chooses to take time out of
her career to care for her ailing Granny.  In turn she receives so much more than she gives.   This inspiring story offers a powerful message of redemption.  Of course, every good fiction, needs a romance.  A unique and touching one can be found in the storyline.

"When people give to others, sometimes they receive much more than they give.  That’s
what happens to the main character in Diane Landry’s new book, which features a
fictional Christian tale that offers real inspiration, according to Landry and her readers."  
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In an age where we have all become so desensitized to life, Granny's Gift reunites us
with our inner most feelings! An amazing story and very well written!  Sim Amazon reader

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The sequel to "Granny's Gift,"is currently in the works. The book can be read as a sequel, but
is also a stand alone work.

Coming soon: "Papa's Present."    

Life is like a battlefield at home, and teenager Justin Knight finds himself leaving often
to avoid his parents' constant fighting.

His grandfather, Leroy, falls to his knees in desperation, but for so long his prayers seem
to gounanswered. More challenges await their family, but they find hope and eventually help
through God and a local Christian ministry.

Justin wants what so many of us want -- a happy home life.
Read Papa's Present and discover how he and you can find redemption

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Passionately writing for the Glory of God, that others may know the redemption
that is available in His Son, Jesus.  Sharing the Good News through writing..

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